Monday, December 9, 2013

Seminar Deadlines

December 15: Email me your paper title, an abstract (300 words max.), and a brief bio (300 words max.).  Shortly after I’ve received this information, I’ll circulate it to the group as a whole.

Early to mid-January: I’ll organize you into themed groups—four groups of four—based on your abstracts.

February 10: PAPERS DUE, 8-12 pp. max. Please don’t send anything longer than 8-12 pp.—with a full seminar, no one will have time to read your paper if it’s over 12 pages. Also, please note that this is an absolute deadline. As you may know, the SAA requires seminar leaders to confirm that all participants have completed their written work in order for them to be included on the SAA program. It is thus vital that you meet this deadline to be included in the seminar. Please email you papers to all seminarians.

March 3: Responses due. You will write a short response (1 page max.) to each of the other three people in your group. Please email responses to all members of your group and cc me.

Late March or early April: I’ll email you a handful of broad discussion questions that I see emerging from the papers and responses. I don’t want to micromanage our conversation, but I do think it would be useful for all of us to arrive in St. Louis with a similar sense of the directions the seminar might take.

April 10-12: See you in St. Louis!

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